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Depending on Glenn's availability, fees are based on his current schedule, scope of request, and distance from Omaha, NE. The information below is a basic guide to Glenn's focus areas, though he is willing to discuss your particular need should it be outside of the areas listed below. To send a message to Glenn, please use the "Contact" tab at the top of this page.


  • Starting a music group
  • Non-Profit status
  • Recruiting members
  • Finding a rehearsal venue
  • Finances & accounting
  • Board of Directors
  • Time-frame for success
  • Digital databases
  • Music library & resources


  • Creating a website
  • Communication
  • Social media platforms
  • Branding in the 21st century
  • Community engagement
  • Producing effective concerts
  • Collaborations
  • The art of ticket sales
  • Your first full house


  • Music camp special guest
  • Conference speaker
  • Conference workshops
  • Training seminars
  • Guest conductor: concerts
  • Guest conductor: rehearsals
  • Music retreats
  • Clinics
  • Youth/adult gatherings
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