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Glenn Greet

Glenn has spent the last 25 years developing music programs for many different organizations. His unique and humorous approach focuses on developing new and existing leaders, branding in the 21st century, retention, community engagement. and his ongoing work with young musicians.

Glenn is the Executive & Musical Director for the Nebraska Brass Band, one of the USA's fastest growing ensembles both in brand recognition as well as its following. As of now, this includes over nineteen thousand email subscribers and social media posts that reach over two hundred and seventy-six thousand people monthly.


Regardless of his busy work schedule, Glenn makes time for local music groups by visiting and supporting programs through training & mentoring. He is often featured as a music guest at camps and conferences which includes conducting, leading workshops, and teaching classes that deal with making music organizations and their ensembles more effective.

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Joel Collier
Dr. Joel Collier, Vice-President
North American Brass Band Association
"Glenn understands that bands need to foster the relationship with their local community. He has proven he knows what it takes for the band to engage with the community around them and to then help the community to then engage with the band."
Andrew Wainwright
Andrew Wainwright, Editor
British Bandsman Magazine
"Glenn is someone who epitomises vision and purpose, and has shown this with the formation and development of the Nebraska Brass Band in 2017, a group that now constantly plays to sell-out crowds. He has a proven track record of effective community engagement and continues to demonstrate this in his work with the band."
Dr. Robert Benton, Besson Artist
University of Nebraska, Kearney
"People initially come for Glenn's infectious enthusiasm for brass banding and entertaining demeanor on the podium. But they stay for his high standards and the strong work ethic he brings to bear, pushing everyone towards an ever greater musical product."
Robert Benton
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